There Is No Such Thing As A Natural Talent.
Written by Daniel Iannacito on Nov 20, 2019
There is no such thing as natural talent.

If you can name someone who was born knowing how to walk, then this entire article is false.

If not, then allow me to proceed.

No one is born with natural talent.

Let's look at basketball players.

Does being being tall mean you're a "natural baller" - heck no. Do you know how many hours of work NBA players spend in the gym?

I always thought people had some sort of natural talent, because it's what my parents and teachers echoed throughout my life.

All of this changed when I started my own business, and started following successful people across a bunch of different industries.

Steve Jobs. Serena Williams. Cristiano Ronaldo. Sam Walton. Elon Musk. The Rock.

None of these people are naturally talented.

But you know what they all have in common?

They having what I call, "Winning Environments".

From the moment these guys wake up, until the moment they go to bed, they are in winning environments.

These guys don't spend a millisecond on something that doesn't bring them closer to their goals.

Let's look at Elon Musk. The guy runs not one, but two MASSIVE companies.

How does he have the time to do this?

It's actually pretty simple.

You have 24 hours in a day. He sleeps (let's assume) for 8 hours.

That leaves him with 16 hours remaining in the day.

Any activity that doesn't relate to his goals for these 16 hours, he eliminates.

You can do the same for your business too.

All you need to do is look around you right now, and look at things that don't pertain to your goals, and things that do.

For example, on my computer right now, I have one tab open (LinkedIN). I don't have Facebook, Google, Reddit, CNN or anything else open. Why? Because it distracts me.
On my desktop, I have five folders - projects I'm working on. No pictures, no old files.
And I have ZERO Push Notifications on my computer. Now, I've starved my distractions and given myself no choice but to focus - I've put myself in a winning environment.

Now for my desk.

I have my laptop, and a glass of water.

No phone.

No tablet.

No food.

Everything is clean and simple.

I've put myself in a situation where I can only focus and work.

That's how these successful guys do it. They find ways to put themselves in winning environments, 24/7/365.

You can do the same.

Right now, write a list of every activity you need to do daily to succeed.

Everything that's not on that list, remove from your life.

Relentless action and focus will always trump talent.

To Your Success,

- Dan
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